This document is tailored for individuals looking to get into cryptocurrency and learn more about the space.

Before you get started with crypto, wewant to highlight DO NOT’s:

CAPT token utility is being revised upon request from the community.

We have had requests to amend two parts of how our system works and we have come up with an experimental solution as proposed below —

1) adding more utility to the token rather than just simply earning it…

PlotX is a decentralised prediction market for crypto traders.

Captain Bitcoin is partnering with to drive the adoption of prediction markets.

Captain Bitcoin users can claim 250 tokens to use on the PlotX platform worth $12.50 at the time of writing.

The most effective way of claiming these tokens…

New and updated referral program to earn infinite ETH monthly.

Captain Bitcoin is to launch a new and updated referral program where in addition to earning CAPT, our users can earn uncapped ETH every month.

In addition to earning CAPT tokens worth 5 minutes of video per day, the user…

November Update and Major Changes

Since launching on 22 May 2020, Captain Bitcoin now boasts more than 170,000 users from 180+ countries and we could not have achieved this without constant feedback and ongoing support from our community.

Many who constantly engage with us know and understand we are a…

8th October 2020 — Swap + Upgrade Snapshot

Dear Captain Bitcoiners,

Captain Bitcoin is a community-focused and community-driven company. …

Watch Videos, Earn Crypto, Win Bitcoin — October 2020 Update

Introduction: Captain Bitcoin is the entrance portal to the cryptospace. It provides token incentives in both the CAPT token and Bitcoin for users to engage with daily video content. …

Watch Videos, Earn Crypto, Win Bitcoin — October 2020 Update


Captain Bitcoin is a disruptive cryptoeconomic incentive game designed for driving mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency…

Dear Captain Bitcoiners,

Over the last week (starting 21st August 2020), Captain Bitcoin has been experiencing severe DDOS attacks on a regular basis, which coincided with us activating the withdraw function and listing our token.

Interestingly, the attacks started shortly after we announced publicly that we will be listing our…

Captain Bitcoin team is incredibly excited to integrate Portis Wallet with our platform.

Dear Captain Bitcoiners,

When we first came up with the idea for Captain Bitcoin, it was with a mission to drive Bitcoin, blockchain, and crypto adoption through video education.

In order to drive adoption, and to onboard…

The Captain

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